Learning & Neural Systems Group



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Graduate Students / Postdocs

Hao Fang *      Pierre Faure      Chen Gong *      Chen Hou      Hongda Li      Jun Hong Lim      Jiahao Wan *      Yunyue Wei      Zeji Yi      Huiling Yu *      Haochen Zhang *      Bingquan Zhu *


* Co-advised / Co-hosted

AI-Assisted Healthcare

Computer Vision and Machine Learning

for better Diagnosis and Treatment

for better Understanding of Human Behavior


Machine Learning

Optimization methods (planning / control / reinforcement learning)

with Safety Constraints, Preference Feedback, and Structured Decision Spaces


Neural Engineering

Neuromodulation for Neurological Disorders



Rehabilitation Systems for Patients with Movement Disorders

Introduction to some previous work

Academic Trainees / Undergrads

Akifumi Wachi      Tong Xiao      Vincent Zhuang      Songyuan Zhang