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Machine Learning and Computer Vision methods

and applications in Clinical Neuromodulation and Robotics





Yanan Sui is an associate professor at Tsinghua University working on Machine Learning, Neural Engineering, and Robotics. He received undergraduate degree from Tsinghua and Ph.D. degree from Caltech, working with Profs. Mu-ming Poo, Joel Burdick, and Yisong Yue. He was a postdoc with Prof. Fei-Fei Li at Stanford before joining Tsinghua. 

Yanan was listed as one of the MIT TR35 (Innovator Under 35) in China by MIT TechReview in 2020. His work on Safe Optimization has been regularly taught in CS and Aero/Astro courses at multiple universities. His work on Preference Optimization has been applied to clinical treatments, and led to a best paper award at ICRA’20.




Yanan Sui  眭亚楠


Associate Professor
National Engineering Laboratory for Neuromodulation
School of Aerospace Engineering
Tsinghua University

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